Saturday, October 24, 2009

My Very Own Font


I somehow came upon a new free handwriting font site a little while ago...Sugar Frog Fonts. And I decided to submit my handwriting for a font and what do you I have my very own handwriting font! I think this is so cool. Not because my handwriting is awesome (far from it), but because now I can use it for the journaling in my digital scrapbooks and it will actually be my handwriting. I can think of several other uses too. In any case, you can head over to Sugar Frog Fonts and pick up any number (or all) of the free fonts they have over there.


Mary said...

That is so cool! Going to go downlaod some fonts. Is sf Rachel free? If not, do you get Royalties? ;0)

Lindsay said...

Oh that is cool. I think I will do that too. I love your idea blog! :)