Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sock Wars



In that top right picture, you will see Ethan pulling at his sock. A common occurance these days. Since we've had a few cooler days recently, Ethan has worn socks for the first time since he was about 9 months old. The first time I put them on him the other day, he just stared and stared at his feet. I think he forgot what it felt like to wear socks and/or what they looked like on his feet. When he lays on his back for a diaper change, both feet go into the air so he can inspect them and he wiggles his toes to see what that looks and feels like. Crazy kid. But now, the novelty has worn off and he removes his socks the first chance he gets. He's also still obsessed with his books and doesn't go anywhere in the house with at least one in his hands.


Heather said...

We had the same issue with Kenna when we started putting socks on her recently, but now she LOVES them and wants them all the time.

Mary said...

We are big slipper people. Both my kids have slippers, and just wear them around all day. Occasionally (OK, all the time) you find us at the store or out running errands and we all still have them on! (we like the kind with rubber bottoms so we can wear them outside if need be!) Solves the cold feet issue, without socks!

Emily Cade said...
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Emily Cade said...

Hey! So I feel I wanted to pass on a blog tip since your blog tips have helped me get the knack of it! (I enjoyed it so much I did one of Lindz and one for my friend's teacher blog!). I noticed when I saved a picture with text as a PNG-24 instead of a JPEG it came out much clearer. Which you may already know, but I found it very helpful. Also, love the fall photos!!! You guys are so cute!

Emily Cade said...

I had no idea you had a photography blog!!! It looks great! How long have you been doing that?

Emily Cade said...

Very cool. I always notice how great your photos on your blog look, so I'm sure you'll have success with the business!!!