Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Few {More} of my Favorite Things


1. Twilight Woods Body Lotion from Bath and Body Works. I tried this scent because they had $1.00 purse-size samples at the register when I was buying a Christmas gift...and it just so happened that I was in need of a small lotion bottle for my purse. So, I gave it a try. And I love it. Strangely, I am not so fond of the candle of the same scent, but I really like the lotion. I know they are marketing to fans of Twilight with this one, but that's not why I like it (although I would call myself a fan). Not only is the marketing smart, the product is good too. It's earthy, fresh and warm at the same time.

2. Dove Peppermint Bark Dark Chocolate Promises. To me, mint and chocolate are almost as wonderful as peanut butter and chocolate. And seeing that perfect pair pop up in all sorts of forms on the shelves of stores for the holiday season makes me want to try them all. This Dove product is a new one for me this year and they are just as yummy as I thought they would be.

3. Sherpa Throw from Bed Bath and Beyond. My mom bought several of these for the lake house at Linens n' Things when it was going out of business. Casey and I both fell in love with them the first time we used them. They are a good sized throw blanket and keep you so warm. It's like being insulated. And they are super-soft too. I kept my eye out and finally, Bed Bath and Beyond started carrying them. We now have two and use them almost every night on the couch.


Abbe said...

Those are very fun favorite things. Thanks for the fall recipes, we had pumpkin waffles last night and they were so great!

Christina said...

I'll have to try the Twilight Woods scent AND the Dove chocolates. Dark chocolate peppermint is one of my favorites!

Mary said...

You remind me I want to get that throw from teh lakehouse! I still remember curling up with it on the porch! We need to do that again! =0)