Monday, November 09, 2009

On My Mind Today

I was a little surprised to find myself smiling when I did house work this morning. And it was all because of Ethan. When I was sorting out the laundry, I found one of his books in the hamper about half-way down. Made me smile. And then, when I was washing some dishes, I found a couple of his blocks in the caddy that holds my dish soap and sponges. Smiled again. Thanks, son...for bringing me smiles while I was tackling those chores.

And Dr. know I love you, but what's up with sending out a massive marketing campaign that's grammatically incorrect? Their new slogan (in print ads, on billboards, and in commercials) is "Drink it slow." It should be "slowly" because that is an adverb, which describes a drink. But, I get it. I do. You went ahead and let the popular vernacular win out over grammatical correctness. That's what everybody says, so why not just go with it? Well, it still bugs me...just a little.


Lindsay said...

Jake would give you a BIG Amen on the Dr Pepper slogan. Oh my - he would drive me crazy with "it hurts badly" etc. Now I find myself annoyed when I hear it incorrect now! Jake and Rachel are in my head! Ha Ha

Lindsay said...

should I have said when I hear it incorrectly :) I just annoyed myself after I read what I wrote, but it was all too appropriate!

mindy said...

This popular vernacular makes it difficult to teach sixth grade English. If Dr. Pepper doesn't have to follow the rules, why should my students?