Friday, November 27, 2009

PJ Day Continued

Part of PJ day was doing the laundry, including the sheets on mommy and daddy's bed. Ethan loves to fall into pillows, blankets and other soft things on purpose...and then squeal, get up, and do it again. So, he loved rolling around on our unmade bed in the warm and just-washed sheets.


This is not grumpy Ethan (above). This is concerned Ethan...although I'll admit it's hard to tell the difference. The only reason I know is because I was there. And because he is such a cautious child, he was expressing concern about how he was going to get off the bed. In other words, "mom...quit taking pictures and help me."


Did I mention that I love footie pajamas...and the boy who is wearing them?


Mary said...

That smile looks just like you, Rachel!!!

Emily Cade said...

The pics are so cute and I love the new blog layout!!!