Wednesday, December 02, 2009

I WAS There: Thanksgiving 2009

I am officially making a New Year's Resolution a month early. I WILL be in more pictures of family events (and just pictures in general) from now on. I am not in one single picture from Thanksgiving. Of course, indirectly, there is evidence of my presence since I took all of the pictures, but I don't want to be mysteriously absent from all of our family albums. I did discuss this with Casey on the way to the lake on Thursday. I said, "please take the camera from me at some point so I can be in some pictures." And he said okay. But then I failed to force the camera into his hands. That's how it has to be done. Not his fault. We just both (always) forget.

Well, enough of that...we had a fabulous Thanksgiving this year. The food was great, I read 1.5 books, watched 3 movies (one of which was in an actual theater), sat on the porch, slept in (thanks to loving grandparents on both sides), visited with family, relaxed, and the Cowboys won.


Stop #1 was at my parents' lake house. Man, there was some gorgeous weather to go with the beautiful scenery while we were out there. Reading on the porch is the best thing ever. Ethan really got cooking with the play kitchen in his playroom and discovered his love for throwing rocks into the lake like daddy (who was skipping rocks, not just be clear). I think Ethan would have stayed out by the lakeside all day throwing rocks if we had let him.


On Saturday, we headed down to Grandaddy Price's house/farm for another meal. I tell you, we hardly spent any time at all indoors that day. Ethan got to play with his cousins, which I think they both enjoyed. They certainly gave him a lot of attention. And he also got to drive the tractor with Casey...another thing that he discovered he loves. He cried and cried when he had to get off that tractor. Poor guy.

There are a few more pictures in our photo gallery.

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Mary said...

I have a similar problem, with pictures. Which is odd, becuase my husband is the photographer...