Monday, January 18, 2010


I've been in a bit of a funk lately. Partially because I've just been feeling sick 90% of the time. And partially (I think) because my hormones are messing with me. I don't feel like doing anything. I just feel like laying around all day. Doing normal tasks like cooking, laundry, etc. are like huge hurdles for me lately. I don't like that at all.

We went to the lake house this past weekend to help break me out of my funk. We had a great time relaxing and pretty much doing nothing. My sickness came with me, but I did feel like it was okay to relax since I wasn't at home needing to get things done.

Now that I'm back, I feel a little bit better about life, so I guess our weekend away worked. I've had productive morning. But now I'm in bed with my laptop watching Hoarders on A&E. Have you ever seen that show? Man, if nothing else, watching how these people live with barely any room to move around in their homes because it is so full of stuff makes me feel a little better about my house, despite the fact that it is not in its best state right now.

Something else I haven't done in a few weeks is take pictures of my favorite subject while he is still 19 months old. I've got to get on that whether I feel like it or not. Then, I'll actually post a photo on here again. It has been a little while since I've really posted photos of Ethan.

One thing I have enjoyed doing this past week is planning our first trip in almost three years. This one will be without Ethan and is officially for Casey's 30th birthday, although that's really just an excuse to get out of town! But, it is going to be a surprise to him where we are going. He knows about the trip and the dates, but not the destination or the activities. It's fun planning a trip and I just can't wait to go...also because by the time the trip rolls around, I should be feeling much better!


Christina said...

I was just talking about the show "Hoarders" with some fellow teachers the other day. It's amazing and sad at the same time, and realistically, even though they bring in help, there is no cure for the disease. I'm sorry you're feeling so sick...but maybe planning Casey's surprise trip will help take the edge off of it...a little!

Anonymous said...

I am glad you noticed that you havent taken pictures of Ethan recently and posted them! I have been missing him! I look every day to see what my grandson is up too! When your dad was in Africa I watched the Hoarders program-hard to beleive they live like that; it is a illness! I am glad those folks got help!I am glad you are feeling some better!

Mary said...

Haha, this post is funny, because in your WORST state ever, your house is SO far from hoarders! You are so clean and neat, even when you think you aren't. I was amazed the other day how nice and clean it was! =0) By the way, can WE know where you are going if we promise not to tell Casey? ;o)

Jacque said...

So sorry you're feeling ick, Rachel! Hope the funk is over soon