Tuesday, January 05, 2010


I don't know exactly why, but vacations have been on my mind lately. It is sort of in my blood to travel and besides that, everyone likes to get away, right? Since even before Ethan entered the world (since summer of 2007, to be exact), we have not been on a vacation anywhere except to the lake house. That is relaxing, to be sure, but I've been wanting to go somewhere. Anywhere. Ok, not just anywhere.

It's not that we don't want to travel anywhere with our boy (or by ourselves and leave him behind), but our travel funds kind of went out the window when I quit my job over a year and a half ago. We definitely expected that to happen, but I'm still getting a little stir-crazy. I've pretty much decided there will be a small vacation this year. I'm not sure when (but definitely before August) and I'm not sure where, but I think I'm going to make it happen.

All that travel-talk aside...the absoltue BEST thing about vacations is being together and getting away from (for the most part) day to day life. Casey has taken the first two days of this week off to vacation at home. We have not done anything particularly special, but it's been great staying in PJs all day, watching movies together, and playing with the boy. Bliss...I love it. And I think I'll go enjoy some more of it now.


Unknown said...

I am really itching to go on a trip also. Not sure where. Not sure if family or just me and Cody. But I want to get away for a while!

Lindsay said...

Me too, but funds keep comig up short. Small sacrifice to be home. Jake and I will have our 10 year in 2011 - we will definitely find a way to have a get away then. But I am hoping this summer nothing will break so we can take a small trip.

Mary said...

We have been like that too lately. Vacations aren't bad, but they do change with little people...not to mention become more expensive. Thank goodness for you lakehouse! And I vote you go on another cruise! :o)