Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Under the Weather

We have all been sick at some point these past two weeks with colds. Ethan has never had anything worse than a cold in his short little life, for which I am thankful. And he usually carries on as usual when he does have a cold. But one day last week, he was feeling pretty lousy and it manifested itself in a cry that lasted almost 45 minutes (which has hardly happened in his entire life) and falling asleep on me (which hasn't happened since he was 6 months old). I really loved the extra cuddle time with him but I was so sad that he obviously did not feel well.

I did take some pictures of him after his 4-hour nap. I had taken his clothes off for him to take a bath because I thought it might make him feel better but he would not even sit down in the water. And then, he wouldn't let me put his clothes back on him. So, he's wearing a diaper and lounging on the couch eating blueberries. Not long after this, he perked up again and was fine the rest of the day.




Christina said...

Aww - he's too cute! I'm sorry that he's been feeling puny and hopefully he perks back up soon.

Mary said...

He is so precious! You hate to love it (since he is sick), but it is so nice when they cuddle, isn't it???