Friday, April 02, 2010

Good News, Bad News

Starting with the bad news....the video card on our "big" computer (the one we use for most things) has finally stopped working. We've been toying with it for about 8 months and making it last, but it no longer works at all. If you don't' know, the video or graphics card is essential to even running your computer because it is the hardware that displays what you see on your screen, among many other things. And ours is no longer under warranty. So, it's several hundred dollars to replace because our monster computer only runs with a high-end card. Great.

The good news....Casey knows how to replace this part with no problem. He taught himself a long time ago to build computers from scratch. This will save us so much money in repairs because this computer is not even close to being old enough to replace yet. And we won't have to send it anywhere, which is huge pain.

Bad news again...the part that we need (the video card) is out of stock. Everywhere. We have searched high and low and can not find one store online or otherwise that has it in stock right now. So, for an indefinite amount of time, we are without our computer.

The good news...I got a laptop for Christmas this year. Yay! So, that's how I'm typing this post and checking email, etc. Hooray! I am definitely grateful for this.

The bad news....the laptop is not set up to print or scan and cannot access any files on our server (ALL our pictures and documents). So, it's limiting. We might be able to get all of this set up soon, though...depending on how much we have to rely on the other computer to get it done.

It's a bleak future without all my computing abilities. Makes me wonder if we had more or less headaches before computers.

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