Friday, June 18, 2010

Genius Summer Gift


The genius behind this gift, in my opinion, is that it is both cheap and a kid favorite. But I can't claim the idea as my own. When we went to the lake house with my friend, Mary, and her family, her boys brought along their pool toys that were a gift from her mom. She had gone to the dollar store and gotten a bucket full of "toys" to play with in the pool. They aren't all traditional toys, though. She got plastic cups, bowls, and a collander from the kitchen section of the store. There were also some water guns in there too.

Ethan had such a great time playing with the "bups" (cups) that weekend, I knew I had to make a visit to our local dollar store. I also added a plastic boat from the dollar section at Target as well as some sponge splash balls, a plastic watering can, and a cleaning bucket (for the large container) from the dollar store. You can really get creative, and for a 2 year old, these dollar toys are perfect for water play. And as ususal, it's the simple things that keep them occupied for hours.

Up next...see the toys in action.

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Mary said...

I tell ya, BEST GIFT I EVER GOT for the boys! We don't just play with them at the pool, either! We fill up the biggest bucket with water in the backyard and they spend hours pouring water from one container to the next, "cooking" food for me in the bowls and cups, and just splashing and having a great time!