Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Surprise That Almost Wasn't


Two years ago, when Casey turned 28, he told me that he'd never had a surprise party before and that he didn't think he could ever be surprised anyway. So I took that as a challenge and decided that day to throw him a surprise party when he turned 30. Why wait until 50 or something like that? Everyone needs to experience a surprise party once in their life, I think.

Fast forward to this spring and early summer. Plans were in full swing. The "situation" to lure Casey to the party was set. And everyone was keeping their mouth shut about the surprise after receiving the invitations...coworkers, friends, family.

THEN...the day of the party things almost fell apart. First, the catering company called our house (against explicit instructions) and Casey heard the message. I gave a quick excuse that I prayed he bought. And then one of the well-meaning party-goers showed up at our house for the party...that was at my parents' house! I managed to give them the address discretely and they made it just fine (and without Casey knowing).

And believe it or not, despite those things...either one of which could have totally ruined the surprise at the last minute...Casey WAS surprised. He really didn't suspect a thing. He had no idea on our way over to my parents' house that he was heading to a party for him with 45 of his closest friends and family members. I think he was actually impressed that all of us kept this secret from him. So the surprise part was a success and the party itself was a success because of all of the people that attended...thanks to everyone for being there to help Casey feel special that day. It really meant a lot to him.


Mary said...

Well done! And fabulous food by the way!!

Christina said...

How fun. Surprise parties can be hit or miss as far as success goes, and even though you had some close calls, it sounds like you pulled it off! I'm sure Casey had fun.