Saturday, July 17, 2010

Maternity Photos: Logan

Given the fact that I am now 35 weeks into this pregnancy, it was definitely time for round 2 of maternity photos. We went back to the arboretum with my dad as photographer, just like we did when I was pregnant with Ethan. Two major differences, though...1) it was the middle of July, not the middle of April, which equals a huge difference in heat-factor. And 2) we had a big brother to include in the shots this time, which was both fun and challenging!






Below is a behind-the-scenes shot showing how a 2 year old is so adept at stealing everyone's attention at the same time!


I love these because they capture a time in our lives that will soon be over and that we'll never get back. I guess most photos do that! These are my favorites, but you can view the whole album on our photo website.


Mary said...

They turned out wonderful!! I love that pink shirt, VERY cute! I might have to borrow it sometime! ;o)

Lynn Leaming said...

Too precious, the one where Ethan is kissing your stomach. Your dad did a great job!!

Supermom-In-Training said...

You are such a cute prego! I meant to tell you that the other night too! Great pictures!

Emily Cade said...

Rachel! I love them, they're gorgeous! And ps- that top looks great on you! I love the color and the ruffles.

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures!! They are precious. You are beautiful in bright pink!!

Aunt Pam S.

Lindsay said...

Yes, they are great! You said it was challenging but the looks of the pictures and how many great ones you got, I can't see how it was so challenging. Ethan has really got it down. They are beautiful.

Christina said...

What priceless pictures. I love that you went back to the Arboretum. The one of Ethan kissing your stomach is so cute.