Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Being Big Brother

Ethan is very used to Logan now and is a very sweet big brother. He wants to help with him all the time...changing his diaper, holding him when he cries, putting the pacifier back in his mouth. And he regularly asks where "baby Lodin" is and what he is doing (usually sleeping). He is also very quick to tell me that baby Logan is sad when he hears him crying. Then he tells me to "go get him."

I had about .2 seconds to capture this shot and the smile on Ethan's face.


Here, Ethan is telling Logan a story about a boy named Ethan and a baby named Logan. His words, not mine!


And finally, a sweet kiss.



Mary said...

It seriously, does not get any cuter than that! My favorite thing about having two boys has been watching them become friends!

Emily Cade said...