Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Ethan Goes to Preschool



Last week we went to Meet the Teacher night at Ethan's preschool and met Mrs. Tara, who happens to be the daughter of long-time family friends of my parents. Small world. When we arrived in his classroom that night, he briefly said "hi" to Mrs. Tara before heading straight over to the toys and then his coloring book at the table with his name on it. He was very disappointed that Meet the Teacher night did not include a tour of the playground. Very disappointed.

Then, the morning of school, he was so excited to go to school and see what it was all about. It was raining, so the only pictures we got were under our small porch by the front door. He was (as usual) not interested in looking at the camera much, but was super-excited about his backpack (even though it was a little heavy for him).



On the way to his preschool, Ethan kept saying, "goin' to school!" And when we got there, I snapped this picture of the big school-boy, who was all smiles, in the car right before we got out to go inside.


This is the only decent picture I got of Ethan and Mrs. Tara. He was way too interested in the toys. And because of that, mommy and daddy only got a cursory "bye" with a brief wave before he returned to the toys. But that's good, really.


While big brother was at school, Logan and I took advantage of being down one kid and hit the town. Which consisted of the grocery store, dry cleaners, and a few other errands. It rained the whole time we were out, but we still got a lot done. We even got to have a late lunch with daddy, who came with us to pick Ethan up from school.


Ethan's daily "report card" said that he had a great day, was really sweet, ate all his lunch, and only "rested" at naptime (as opposed to acutally surprise on any of those things). And he almost fell asleep in the car on the way home and took an almost 3-hour nap when we got home. I hope his second day of preschool tomorrow goes as well as the first one did. I cannot believe how big he is getting, although yesterday, I purposely did not let myself think about that.


Aunt Kayla said...

How exciting! Taber also started what is called Little Peoples School here in Brownfield on Tuesday! I cannot believe how fast they have grown! I was not so good however at NOT thinking about how fast he was growing all day- I failed miserably in that department! As a result- I had to reapply makeup- TWICE! LOL So glad thins are going great with you guys! Love you!

Christina said...

Okay, the pictures of Ethan with his backpack are too cute! I know he will enjoy preschool. So much to soak up!

Mary said...

So glad he did well!! By the way, that mischevious look with him sitting by his backpack reminds me of Casey!!

Emily said...

Aw, cute! Look at his hair! So sweet. He has so much of it and I love that little part.

Anonymous said...

These pictures are precious and priceless!! I loved seeing them!