Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hanging Out with Ethan





Two years old is such a fun age. Really. This kid is so cute and funny. He is growing and changing and learning at what seems like lightning speed, and having a front seat to witness all of that is such a privilege for us.

Ethan is decidedly obsessed with Dora. He will watch other shows too (Backyardigans, Mickey Mouse Playhouse, Wonder Pets, Go Diego Go), but he definitely prefers Dora, which he still calls, "Dorie Boots."

He likes to "build tunnels" out of our bedroom pillows and pretend there are certain things in each one, like snakes or a volcano...those are straight out of Dora. He's meshing together story lines from Dora and adding in his own stuff too. Sounds strange to us sometimes (and definitely makes us laugh), but it makes perfect sense to him. I love watching him play like this and use his imagination.

He "reads" books to us and really does remember what words are on each page. He throws in some of his own words too. I guess he likes embellishing a story. He likes to sing songs and listening to him is so sweet...but he is a stinker and won't let us catch it on video. We've even tried to do it stealthily and it still hasn't worked.

He still loves all things having to do with the alphabet and numbers and cars. He still loves balls, but we can tell already that he prefers kicking the ball to throwing it. He probably has more ball control than I do (which is not saying much, actually!). Soccer in his future, maybe?

Ethan sleeps with a blanket and his monkey beanie baby. He calls them "monkeyblanket." One word. He is okay to sleep without them, but he definitely misses them when they are not there.

All of these are things I want to remember about Ethan at this age. I'm afraid if I don't write them down, I'll forget about some of them.


Mary said...

What a cutie!

Anonymous said...

I especailly love it when he says that Mimi and Ethan are two peas in a pod!!

Christina said...

He is so cute. I know you'll treasure all these moments with him.