Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween Preview






This year I have a tiny, precious pumpkin and a sweet cowboy. And Ethan is so excited about his costume that he wanted me to take pictures of him in it...that's a first! Although, he would not stand still so he had to sit down for the photos. And we were not successful at all in getting one of the boys together because Ethan does not yet grasp that he has to hold onto baby Logan for more than 5 seconds in order for that to happen. And he wasn't interested in lying down next to him either. One of these days it will happen. And the leaf...he would not put it down, but I can deal with that.

I love kids in costumes. They are so cute. I would have liked for the boys' costumes to coordinate, but I decided to go the easy route with Logan's costume this year. I thought about going with the cowboy theme and having him be a horse, but he's only 2 months old and they just don't make horse costumes that small. It's just as well because this little pumpkin outfit (from Old Navy) is so much more comfortable for him.


S, J, B, & S said...

Rachel! I have Sutton's horse costume from last year if you want to borrow it! It might be a tad big, but it is sooo cute!

Christina said...

Adorable! What cute boys. And I love seeing all the baby costumes out this time of year.

Lindsay said...

Rachel, They are so stinkin' cute! I love Ethan's pics and the fact that he is not smiling makes it more authentic. He is a serious cowboy. Blake and K do not coordinate this year either. I wanted Blake to be Mickey Mouse = because he loves Mickey Mouse, but K had no interest in being Minnie. She wanted to be Pinkie Pie. Blake would probably be jealous seeing Ethan as Blake loves Cowboy stuff as well. Too cute, Rach!!!! Beautiful boys - inside and out.

mindy said...

You've got two precious boys!!!

Mary said...

The vest turned out great, and Logan is precious in the orange pumpkin outfit. Do not fret, it won't be the first time you do something because it is easy! ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh man! I had a 0-3 month horse costume that someone handed down to me, but was too small for Caleb! I should have sent it to you!