Monday, October 25, 2010

Just Today

...I learned that it is dangerous to max out your leg and arm muscles with free weights and then carry your 31 pound son down the stairs. Whew!

...I heard "mommy" and "what you doin'?" about 50 million times each. In a cute voice from a cute kid. But still...good grief.

...I made Logan laugh again by tickling him. He laughed for the first time this weekend. His dimples just about kill me. The only problem with the laughing is that it gives him hiccups every time so I feel sort of bad about doing it.

...My boys conspired against me to give me only 30 minutes of alone time. But, I will take it. Especially since they usually nap at the same time most days.

....I figured out where to store all the stuff I cleaned out from various parts of our house this weekend. Two huge bags of clothes, 2 boxes of miscellaneous items, and several other things. Fall cleaning, I guess. It all started with me putting up most of my maternity clothes and rearranging my closet. I just couldn't stop there. Now I might have to have a springtime garage sale, which I was definitely not planning.

1 comment:

Christina said...

So cute about Logan laughing and getting hiccups! And I got in a cleaning mode last night, too...trying to clean out guest room #1 to turn into the nursery, and, like you, I couldn't stop!