Friday, December 31, 2010

My Roaring 20's

The end of this decade means the end of a decade for me as well. I'm about to turn 30 in two days (on January 2). Wow. I expect great things out of this next decade of my life. But I have to say that my 20's weren't bad at all. In fact, I'd say they were pretty fantastic....I spent a semester in England, I got engaged, graduated from college, got married, started my first full-time job, bought our first house, went to Italy and Africa, had two babies, started a photography business, moved into our current home...and those are just the highlights. Whew! Here's a "little" photo collage of my 20's (photos mostly in chronologial order):








Mary said...

That is the coolest post! I love seeing how YOUNG you and Casey look 10 year ago! :) Glad you were born, I have enjoyed the last 10 years with you!

Christina said...

Wow, I love the collage! I am so used to seeing you as you are now, it's so hard to believe how young we all once were! When Ethan and Logan get older I bet it will be fun for them to look back on their parents before kids!

Anonymous said...

Rachel, you have been mightly blessed! I know you have blessed me beyond words! I love you and am proud of you for many reasons! Your a wonderful daughter who brings much joy into our lives! You are a natural wife and mother who enjoys day to day life-the way you should!
love and hugs,

Emily Cade said...

LOVE the post. That was so much fun to look at and I am so honored that I made the collage (although I secretly wish I looked cooler)!!! You and Casey look so young in the early pics. I mean, I guess we all do, I just haven't seen pics from that long ago in so long! Of course now you both look amazing and wear marriage/parenthood so well. So fun, and happy early birthday!!! Our 30's are going to be awesome!!!

Rabelers said...

Such a cute post, Rachel! Happy early birthday to you! The 30's are great - welcome to the club!

Unknown said...

In some ways you look so different now than a decade ago, in others just the same...I couldn't make up my mind if you had changed much or not. You've always been cute no matter the decade! It was fun to look through the photos. Have a happy birthday!

Jacqueline said...

Oh man - we're all turning 30 this year!!! I remember that semester in Oxford so well. How much fun we had!