Saturday, December 04, 2010

Thankful Continued

I know Thanksgiving is past and we're moving full speed ahead toward Christmas. And I love it. But I can still be thankful with Christmas decorations up, right? These are some things I'm thankful for today...


1) My big boy's baby hands. He's two and a half and I love that his little hands are still little and have dimples. His fingers will be slim and longer all too soon and they won't look like these sweet little baby hands anymore. (And I'm thankful for the gorgeous fall colors we got here this year...anyone else notice that?...even though that particular leaf is just brown.)


2) Baby booties from Alaska (a present from friends) that keep baby toes warm in the winter. Socks tend to slide off and just aren't as warm as these faux-fur lined slippers. Ethan wore them for his first winter and now I've pulled them out for Logan too.


3) Cuties! The mandarins are back in the grocery stores these days and I'm so excited. These are such a great portable and easy snack for kids (and adults too). They peel in about 2 seconds and then are already in bite-sized pieces. Love them!

4) Conversations with my two year old. The kind that make me laugh out loud and the kind I definitely want to remember.
(On the way to preschool yesterday):
Ethan: Mommy, stop the car!
Me: Why, buddy?
Ethan: I got boogers! (in his nose...apparently a serious condition!)

(As we're walking downstairs first thing after Ethan has woken up):
Ethan: (gasp) Lights are on the Christmas Tree, mommy!
Me: Yes they are.
Ethan: That tree is really cold. (hugging himself and shivering)
(it doesn't even make sense, but it was really cute)

5) The fact that I didn't gain a single pound over four days of Thanksgiving eating (and no counting weight watchers points). I attribute this miracle solely to breastfeeding...I know it did not happen because of any sort of discipline on my part.

6) Date nights on Monday night. When you do a date night IN and watch an On Demand movie with take-out, you can do it anytime! (Hurray for early bedtimes for children too, which make this possible!)

7) A father-in-law (and mother-in-law) who is willing to spend their Saturday at your house helping your husband replace your water heater (that split down the seam in the back, leaking water all over the office ceiling) all day on a Saturday. I am also thankful that the water damage was really not that bad since we caught the leak very early.

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