Saturday, January 15, 2011

Candy S'mores


If you want to get creative with s'mores...use a chocolate candy piece other than a Hershey's bar. A really, really good choice is a Reese's Peanut Butter cup. Yum. Just to clarify...this is not my original idea, nor is this a recent discovery for me. I just decided that I'd share the brilliant idea that I picked up a while ago because it's a great way to spice up s'mores. Not that they are boring or anything. You could use other candy pieces too...anything your little mind can dream up can become a reality for your s'more. Oh, and please don't limit your s'more consumption to camping trips...although the marshmallows will be slightly inferior without a fire, the microwave is a fine substitute when you want a s'more at home.


Emily Cade said...

YUUUUUUUUMMMMMM!!!! I just saw something like this and they used Caramellos. CARAMELLOS!!! Why hadn't I thought of that!

Christina said...

That looks and sounds great! It's not as pretty, but I had s'mores with a friend, and we used Nutella as the chocolate. It was wonderful!