Saturday, January 01, 2011

Role Reversal



It's no secret that Ethan does not particularly enjoy having his picture taken. He sort of runs from the camera. But the other day, he picked up his Elmo camera and said, "I take picture of mommy?" And I told him yes. And then I grabbed my camera and took some pictures of him taking pictures of me. He had the best time and was laughing so hard although I didn't get that in any of my photos (which is too bad, because he was hilarious). We both had fun. And yes, he is holding his camera backwards, but after a while, I just gave up trying to get him to turn it around.

He actually got a real digital camera for Christmas from my aunt and uncle and I think it will be fun to see what photos he takes with it. He's already been snapping away.

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Christina said...

Love it! For a while Ashton pretended to take pictures with my cell phone, until the other day, he actually was snapping away. It was funny to look at the photos that he took. Enjoy!