Thursday, February 17, 2011


Since Ethan outgrew his first little newborn sized baby clothes, I have boxed them up in plastic containers and stored them for a possible future little brother. And voila! We got one! So, Logan's wardrobe has been and will continue to be largely based on hand-me-downs. Lucky him.

Logan and Ethan were born 3 months apart so there is some seasonal discrepancy, but a fair amount of the clothes have worked so far. Well, today I got out some more springy clothes for Logan and boxed up some of his and Ethan's more wintery clothes. (I'm still boxing up the baby clothes for now...)

I think some of you out there who have children of the same gender will probably understand this inner monologue of mine as I went through the boxing and un-boxing of clothes this morning:

"Wow...I really hate dragging out these boxes. It's such a pain and it always takes longer than I think."

"Ok...I'm glad I labeled by size AND season so I can find what I need. Good job, Rach."

"Won't it be nice when I can finally get rid of these boxes insted of putting them back in the closet?"

"Oh, wait....I will probably always have hand-me-downs to box up. Maybe less as they get older though, since Ethan will probably wear his clothes and shoes out more."

"Ohhhh...I loved this outfit on Ethan! I am so glad that Logan will get to wear it now. I remember when Ethan wore it and he was so cute....."

"I can't believe my baby (Ethan) is so big now! I remember how small and sweet he was in this outfit. Why can't he just stay small forever?"

"Umm, why did I box up Ethan's personalized shirts? I don't think Logan will be wearing those. Duh."

"Cool, there's even clothes in here in Logan's current size that Ethan didn't get to wear at all. Merry Christmas, get some (fairly) new clothes after all!"


Anonymous said...

This is the perfect blog for me- I have said those EXACT words!! In fact Hudson was sick today and I did the same thing you did- packed up and drug out! However- it is very nice on the pocket book!!!


Mary said...

I understand this post so much! A couple more I would add:

"If I could afford it, I would SOO give these away and buy a new wardrobe for every child because this is such a pain in the butt."

"Whoops, I should have opened this box earlier, because now some of these are too small."

"Very glad I have a completely seperate container for shoes."

And lastly:

"How did this shirt grow a stain while it was in a box???"