Monday, February 28, 2011


Can I still call a bag a "diaper" bag if it contains no diapers? Because that's the state in which I found my so-called "diaper" bag the other day. Diaper-less. Really useful.

Why is it that a 2.5 year old is completely capable of entertaining himself while I'm on hold for 20 minutes with tech support, but the minute they answer to finally take my call, he begins to loudly say "mommy, mommy, mommy!" over and over again? Why?

Why does the dentist always ask "have you been flossing?" when they really know the answer to that question before they ask? And an alternate....why do they always ask you questions when they have cleaning tools in your mouth and you can't speak?

Why does my 6-month-old spit, sputter, and gag before the spoon even touches his lips in anticipation of the food I'm attempting to feed him? Oh, the drama!

Why is it when you're looking for a specific outfit to buy, you can't find anything, but when you can't buy anything, you see cute stuff everywhere?


Lindsay said...

The dentist question cracked me up. I always think in my head "do you expect me to answer you when you have my mouth occupied currently." Murphy's law I tell you.

Dara said...

Yes, exactly, Lindsay! I clicked comment to put down that I have always called those circumstances, "Murphy's Law." And boy oh boy, it just seems to happen all the time!

Christina said...

I laughed at all of your questions! I wonder those same things all the time. Especially, yes, the dentist one! Love this post :)