Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday with Ethan

This Sunday morning, Ethan and I went to church together. Logan and Casey stayed home since they are both still sick.

It's the morning of the daylight savings "spring forward" time change, so when I got up early to shower, it felt really early. That's a small price to pay to shower in peace, I say.

As I was getting Ethan out of the car at church, I told him that we were about to go into bible class and that he needed to put his cars in the backpack until later. I told him that he was going to class to learn about Jesus and that his cars would be waiting for him after class. Well, this caused him to yell, "no Jesus, just cars!" over and over again as we walked from the car to the door of the building. What a way to make an entrance. Preschoolers are nothing if not honest about their feelings.

After class, I was greeted by a spotted Ethan. They had studied the 10 lepers that Jesus healed. The kids all got white dot stickers to simulate the skin disease and then Jesus was supposed to "heal" them and they would take off their stickers and thank him. The teacher explained that Ethan did not want to give up his spots. I am not surprised by that at all. He had them all over his face and arms until the middle of worship when he told me that they felt all better and we could take them off. What am I going to do with that kid?

And I forgot to pack Ethan's water this morning. This is a federal offense because Ethan is always drinking water. You would think that with only one kid's bag to pack this morning I would get it right. Ethan must have asked me a hundred times for his water. And every time I told him I was sorry but I had left it at home. He kept asking, though. I think he thought I might eventually come up with a different answer and give him water. All I know is that I'd like to avoid the 100 questions next time, so I'll be sure to bring the water.


Mary said...

Laughing so hard, NO JESUS, just cars! :) Nothin' like a toddler to make you feel totally exposed to everyone watching!

Christina said...

That made me laugh out loud (Jesus comment)! I'm not so sure Ashton would want to hand in the spots either, as he's addicted to ANY sticker... even the stickers on bananas! Cute stories!