Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Desperate for a Dress

Don't you hate it when you have to find something to wear to an event and you can't seem to find anything? Add to the mix that you have to carve out time to go shopping in the first place and you have a recipe for desperation.

This was the situation I found myself in up until this morning. My brother is getting married in two weeks. I will be in photos (although not many) of the blessed event and needed something decent to wear. This was not a situation of simply wanting something new, but I actually did not have a single thing to wear to this wedding.

And I have two kids, both of whom I love, but do not like to take clothes shopping with me. If you are a mom, you understand this. If you are not, then suffice it to say it is a big waste of time for me to take both of my boys with me for this type of shopping venture. There are just too many reasons to list them here.

So, I have been finding little bits of time when Casey is home to sneak away to a store (or two, if I'm lucky) to shop for a dress. I have had absolutely no luck. And going out in the evenings or on Saturdays when it's busy and I'd rather be home with my family has not been fun. Especially since I would come home empty-handed every single time.

I was starting to think that I was being too picky. I tend to be kind of picky. Or maybe I'm getting old and don't like the new styles. Entirely possible.

However, this morning my mom and I went to Northpark. I should have known to just go there in the first place. Logan rounded out our shopping trio since Ethan was at preschool. One kid, along with a mom to help, is easy as pie. My mom fed Logan puffs, loved on him, and helped me zip up my dresses all at the same time. Then, she helped me select the two (yes, two!) dresses that I ended up taking home.

I tried on a lot of dresses, people. Quite possibly the most dresses I've ever tried on at once. The amazing thing was that I ended up having several to choose from after weeks of no viable choices. Sorry the photo is blurry (I snapped it with my phone), but here they are all lined up in the dressing room (at Nordstrom).


What am I most glad about? The fact that I found a dress or that I don't have to go dress shopping again in the near future? Both, but definitely more excited about not shopping for a while!


Mary said...

I like that so many of them are purple! :)

Lindsay said...

In conjunction with what Mary said - Ethan will be so pleased with purple. :)