Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Memory Lane

Yesterday, (May 31), Casey and I celebrated our 8th anniversary. To mark the special day, I made Casey's favorite steak recipe (using filets instead of a whole tenderloin). Then, we pulled down two very dusty boxes from the top of our closet in which we have kept special things from our relationship since the year we met and started dating (1999). We had so much fun looking through that stuff and reading some of the notes and letters we wrote to each other. We haven't looked at that stuff probably since we've been married, and it was amazing some of the memories we unearthed. We occasionally add things in there now, but the majority of it is from our college years when we dated.

Here are some of the "treasures" we found:

This first item is the ticket stub from the first movie we went to see together, which also happened to be our first date. We went to see For Love of the Game with Kevin Costner and Kelly Preston. Just a side note...Casey has saved every single movie ticket stub to every single movie we have seen together. Isn't that crazy?


Next up is the very first email that Casey wrote to me. This was not very long after we met and very shortly before we started dating.


The bowling score card on the left was for a few games we played in the basement of the campus center...and I beat Casey. He will claim that he threw the game so I could win, but I clearly still had a good game anyway.

And the calendar pages on the right...those were so fun to read through. When I spent a semester in Oxford (without Casey), he bought me that calendar before I left and stayed up almost all night before I left writing something on every single page for the days we would be apart. I remember so looking forward to seeing what he had written on each day, but I never once looked ahead.


This letter is the one that Casey wrote to my social club at ACU for our engagement ceremony. For those of you who did not go to ACU and are lost...whenever someone would get engaged, the letter from the fiance would be read aloud without saying any names, and then we would reveal the engaged couple through a special ceremony. Anyway, I saved the letter he wrote.


The evening of the day we got engaged, Casey took me out to dinner at The French Room at The Adolphus Hotel here in Dallas. It was the first time either of us had eaten there and it was so good. That receipt there on the left is from that dinner. The cool thing about keeping that receipt is that it shows what we ate...and how much it cost!

And it was so fun finding that photo strip. I thought I remembered all the photos of us together, but I hadn't seen those in years and forgot they even existed.


And Buzz Lightyear...well, I have no idea. Casey doesn't either. This Buzz is actually a candy dispenser, but neither of us remembers why he would be in my box. No memory at all.


There were many, many other things we went through...the map I drew for Casey for the first time he visited my parents house and met them. More letters, notes, photos, and movie tickets. At one point, Casey turned to me and said, "this was a really great idea to do this tonight." So, yeah. We did not get dressed up and go out for our anniversary this year. I was not even wearing make up. But, we had so much fun and laughed until we cried. And that was a good anniversary.


Emily Cade said...

You guys are so cute!!! Sounds like a great night!!! I love when you talk about that stuff, you and Casey meeting/dating, b/c I was there!!!

Unknown said...

Very sweet. The buzz lightyear is hilarious!

Heather said...

How fun!! Special memories!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! Such a sweet post.

Christina said...

How sweet! Love this post!

Mary said...

Haha! That sounds so much like you guys! Sometimes going out is not the most special thing to do!

Lindsay said...

That is too sweet. Maybe the Buzz Lightyear was a forecast of what is to come. :) Love that sweet. I love Home Dates.