Thursday, September 29, 2011

Cinnamon Obsession

If you have known me long enough, you already know that I have a mild obsession with all things cinnamon. If given the choice of gum or after dinner mint, I will always choose cinnamon over a mint or peppermint counterpart. In fact, I even choose the cinnamon toothpaste when they polish my teeth at the dentist. I usually add a little cinnamon to my hot chocolate and french toast or pancake batter.

The upcoming fall/holiday/winter seasons are the perfect time to enjoy cinnamon goodness. These are some of my very favorite cinnamon things:

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3. Snickerdoodles

4. Pioneer Woman's Cinnamon Rolls

You can even decorate with cinnamon sticks! I love these ideas (all found via Pinterest):

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Christina said...

I think I actually drooled just looking at those cinnamon rolls....

Emily Cade said...

I love cinnamon!!! You have to try Bath and Body Works Cinnamon Pumpkin body scrub!!! It's really more about the scrub than the smell, but I seriously love it!!!

Christina said...

Wow! Cinnamon is a MUST in our household...all times of the year! I have read that it also has great health benefits - score!

Dara said...

Yum! LOVE cinnamon as well... and it also goes perfectly with pumpkin! :) Have you tried the cinnamon Altoids that are covered in dark chocolate??? Those are YUMMY - I highly recommend!!!