Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Trunk (and Trick) or Treat 2011

Trunk or Treat was fun this year with both boys walking around. We didn't stay very long, though, because Logan was not feeling well.


We let Ethan have some treats after he made the rounds at all the trunks. And his first choice for a treat....a banana! Then, he had pretzels. And then he finally made his way to a few pieces of chocolate. He did not get that restraint from me.


Then, tonight, we took the boys trick or treating for the first time. Ethan just about got the sequence of things to say right when we were headed home. He kept mixing up when he was supposed to say "trick or treat" and "thank you" and "Happy Halloween" but no one really cared.


I learned a few things about trick or treating with kids, because the last time I went was when I was young enough to be gathering candy myself. First, we have tons of kids in our neighborhood. Second, I should have gone with my gut and brought the wagon (carrying a tired 14 month old is hard work). Third, you can rifle through your kids' candy stash after they're asleep and find all your childhood (or adulthood) favorites! 



(PS - I've always wondered what ISO 6400 would look like with my camera...got the opportunity to find out tonight with that last photo.)


Rabelers said...

they are adorable - love the coordinating costumes!

Christina said...

We took our wagon and it was a BIG help! Ashton rode well in it for the last stretch, because he was getting tired. That camera is an awesome piece of equipment. The last photo looks fabulous! Glad you all had fun!