Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Book Page Table Runner

Ever since I saw the Nester's Book Release Party decor (go check it cool) made almost entirely from book pages, I knew I wanted to incorporate at least one idea from her party into a book club meeting at my house. I ended up hosting our book club's Christmas meeting this year so I decided to make a book page table runner for my holiday table.  


This was literally a 30 minute project from start to finish. Unfortunately, I didn't take photos of the steps because I didn't think about it. But I can briefly describe the really easy process. First, I bought a $1 paperback book (it was Hard Times by Dickens) at my local Half Price Books. I chose it because the pages were the right size for my project and I liked the slight yellowing that was happening on the edges. Then, I carefully tore out all the pages from the book (one at a time).

I used a roll of wrapping paper from Target's $1 section for the base of my runner because it was the perfect width for the runner. I just rolled it out on my table and cut it the length I wanted it to be. I laid it out flat in my garage over some scrap cardboard. 

Then, I started on one end and sprayed a section of the wrapping paper with spray adhesive. I placed the pages on the paper with the edges slightly over the edge of the wrapping paper on the sides and end to make sure it was fully covered. I just worked my way down the length of the paper, spraying and placing book pages. Then, I went back over the top with some more adhesive and pages where I felt it needed to be filled in. 


The final step was to spray a little glitter on top. I used silver spray glitter by Krylon. I had some left over from another Christmas project so I figured I might as well add it. It was the perfect finishing touch to the runner. It's impossible to see from the photo, but at night, with the candlelight, the runner was sparkling.


Unknown said...

What a neat idea. Your entire table looks beautiful!

Christina said...

Beautiful! Is that a new chair I spy?