Monday, December 12, 2011

Wrapping Challenge

Gift wrap is my cup of tea. I love it. I could probably go broke every year in The Container Store's Gift Wrap Wonderland and I have seen several gorgeous wrapping goodies at Target this season.

If you're on Pinterest, perhaps you've seen these amazing examples of simple, but pretty wrapping for the holidays:

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I sort of notice a little trend, don't you? Brown paper and twine. Yes, apparently it's big this year, and I love it. And I just happen to have brown paper. Actually, because of my penchant for gift wrap, I have quite a collection of all wrapping supplies. So, this year, instead of buying new stuff, I am issuing myself a challenge....only use the wrapping supplies I already have.

I'll probably be using my own gift tags and labels. And maybe some that I've found around the web too. There are lots of free printable tags out there. Just Google it. Or use Pinterest. Happy wrapping!

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Unknown said...

I want to be good at wrapping, the desire is there, but my gifts never turn out nearly as beautiful as what ive seen others do. Im not sure where i am lacking. Perhaps you can give me some tutoring...