Tuesday, February 14, 2012

In Defense of Valentines Day


Valentines Day gets a bad rap in my opinion. Many will say that it is a commercial holiday, therefore they feel no need to participate...blah, blah, blah. It's true. It sort of is a commercial holiday. People (men) are made to feel obligated to spend ludicrous amounts of money just because someone decided that we'd celebrate love on February 14. And when you put it that way, I totally agree...I can do without that. I actually used to be on the side of Valentines Day haters. 

Then, somewhere along the way, I saw it in a new light. Something changed. Because now, I see Valentines Day not as an obligation, but as an opportunity. Our Valentines Day celebrations rarely, if ever, involve roses, expensive dinners, or even gifts. Sometimes we go out. But we always cook a special dinner at home, which has become a fun tradition. 

Whatever we decide to do (or not do), the point is...it's great to have a day that reminds us to do special things for each other. I guess you could make the argument that we should do these things regularly anyway and we don't need a commercial holiday to make us do it. Ok, maybe. But I'll just speak for us....it's hard to remember (or make time) to do the special things. I can't speak for all couples with kids, but I sense that we may not be alone in that situation. And while we work hard to make time to reconnect and have regular date nights, I think a specific holiday that gives us another excuse to do special things for each other is pretty great.

And of course, it's a fun holiday to celebrate with kiddos too. And an excuse to eat chocolate. Not that I really need an excuse to eat chocolate, but I'll take one! Go Valentines Day!

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