Monday, February 18, 2013

iPhone Wallpapers

I recently decided to do something different for my home screen wallpaper on my iPhone. Previously, I'd been using a solid purple color for my home screen. I don't like using a photo behind all the looks cluttered and ruins the photo, in my opinion! But, I wanted to do something a little different, so I made up some wallpapers in Photoshop to use for my new home screen background.

 photo CookefamiPhoneWallpapersJPG_zpsa405e0d5.jpg

I guess I was in a "spring-y" mood because all those colors are just right for spring. I made one of each color in each pattern (quatrefoil and chevron). After trying many of them out, I ended up quite predictably settling on the purple chevron wallpaper. It is my favorite color and goes so well with my purple phone case:

 photo IMG_7075_zps8b18e3cb.jpg

But, I since I'd already made up all the different pattern/color combos, I figured I might as well share them for others to use. There are 5 colors (purple, lime, coral, teal and yellow) and two patterns (quatrefoil and chevron). Each color is available in either pattern.

To download the one you would like, just click on that photo below and then download. They are already sized to the correct ratio for the iPhone 5. If you have a previous iPhone (with a slightly different screen ratio), you can still use these. You will just have to zoom in on the photo a bit to make it fit your screen.

 photo TealQFThumb_zps8e68f611.jpg

 photo TealChevThumb_zpsf3b683f2.jpg

 photo PurpleQFThumb_zps3322f8f0.jpg

 photo PurpleChevThumb_zps04538379.jpg

 photo LimeQFThumb_zps5d84573b.jpg

 photo LimeChevThumb_zps17ccdacc.jpg

 photo CoralQFThumb_zps9f8e35e4.jpg

 photo CoralChevThumb_zps76378818.jpg

 photo YellowChevThumb_zps0b62944b.jpg

 photo YellowQFBlogThumb_zps3b2789b6.jpg

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Anonymous said...

my favorite wall paper is two sweet little boys with the biggest smiles on their faces!!!!!!