Sunday, April 28, 2013

Soccer Shots

These photos aren't what they might look like...Logan is not playing soccer on a team yet. That uniform was a gift from my brother to Ethan several years ago and it's essentially a dress-up costume for them. But, since I am in the process of putting the finishing touches on Logan's big boy room, I decided to get a canvas of Logan for his wall. And I thought this costume would give the photo a fun touch.

So, Logan and I went out for about 15 minutes one evening and took a soccer ball with us. He was so excited to "take pictures." So, it went well, and I ended up with a very hard decision as to which one to choose for the actual canvas. 

This is the one that I chose:

 photo IMG_1843a_zps12542a70.jpg

But I really love all the shots I's a few more favorites:

 photo IMG_1877a_zps555e24dd.jpg

 photo IMG_1861_zps235baa36.jpg

 photo IMG_1810a_zps1d827f99.jpg


Lindsay said...

Yay for getting the pictures out quickly! So cute!

Christina said...

So fun! It's so nice when they're excited for pictures. They are lovely!