Sunday, July 07, 2013

Underwater at the Lake House

Just a few days after Casey and I got back from Paris, my mom asked me and the boys to join her and my dad at their lake house. At first, I was thinking that was crazy because I'd just gotten my clock turned around and my laundry done. And then, I realized that summer was upon us and the lake sounded like a great idea. So we went.

And I had just gotten a new underwater camera that I've had my eye on for a while. So, I got to play with it and it was so much fun! I really just took photos at the pool...actually, in the pool! And the first thing I learned was that I need some more practice at taking underwater photos. (A lot more practice). But even though they are not perfect, I still love some of the photos I got.

 photo P6130240_zps6d0173ff.jpg

I wasn't sure if Logan would go underwater for me or not. He does about 50% of the time we go swimming. But, he wanted to see his photo, so he did it!

 photo P6130264_zps623e7e1c.jpg

Ethan was actually harder to pin down...not because he wouldn't go underwater, but because he was busy swimming. But, he got excited about seeing himself underwater too, so I was able to get him to cooperate for the most part. I love his face in this next one...

 photo P6120170_zps8901444b.jpg

Since Logan was wearing his puddle jumper I had about .2 seconds to catch him underwater before he floated to the top.

 photo P6130271_zpsd4291574.jpg

 photo P6130251_zpscd6ba44c.jpg

Itty bitty head and giant arms...

 photo P6130255_zpsf049372f.jpg

 photo P6130210_zpsf2ca0a95.jpg

 photo P6120158_zps07038062.jpg

 photo P6120175_zps78aa2e07.jpg

I was not trying to be artsy with this next was just out of focus. But, I kind of like it.

 photo P6120177_zpsecef7dd1.jpg

 photo P6120045_zps915d6ebd.jpg

His smile has looked like this since he got those two front teeth. I love it.

 photo P6120143_zpscadcd87b.jpg

This summer Ethan learned how to swim down to get his dive sticks. He worked hard and figured it out (with some instruction from daddy). And he was so proud of himself. Before that, we were having to give him a little push to get him down there.

 photo P6120163_zps5b3d4ba3.jpg

Logan plays with the dive sticks too...just above water, usually.

 photo P6120052_zps70dbf1e8.jpg

This photo was taken as Ethan plunged into the water after jumping off the waterfall...something he does countless times at this pool.

 photo P6120033_zps58dcef5a.jpg

Logan rarely wears his goggles, but he always gets more adventurous with going under water when he does.

 photo P6130277snshn_zpsd763f362.jpg

 photo P6130245_zpsf11d4e5f.jpg

 photo P6120078_zpsc48a3f6e.jpg

Logan wanted to take a photo with me underwater. And he actually smiled...

 photo P6130274_zps5c3d4c00.jpg

I'm so glad I decided to take a couple of days and get away with the boys. It was so fun and relaxing and just what we needed. Of course, we wish that daddy could have come with us too, but he enjoyed some quiet evenings to himself while we were away, which are pretty rare.

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Colleen said...

these are gorgeous!! what a fun way to capture more of summer. that pool looks so relaxing too.