Friday, November 22, 2013

Three Steps Forward, Two Steps Back

Since I have had zero time to edit any of the photos I have from October (and my clients photos are getting done first anyway), I will give another brief update on these crazy, crazy weeks in our household. (All the photos in this post are iphone photos...all I have time for right now!)

We finished picking out all of the selections and making changes to our new house and progress is being made. Here's the master bathroom selections (I have since changed the mirror frame, but the travertine and marble are the same). 

 photo IMG_2475_zpsd3614c47.jpg

This photo shows the wood floors, the island stain (rest of cabinets will be white), the quartz countertops in the kitchen, and the subway backsplash tile (which will be laid in a herringbone pattern!).

 photo IMG_2476_zps1d885afe.jpg

Of course, there have been a few things that will need to be fixed too (that's just how it works). But for the most part, the finish-out is beginning to come together. Here are a few iPhone photos of the progress. In this first photo, we're starting to get a feel for the look of the house.

 photo IMG_2500_zps47bb1b53.jpg

And here it is all bricked and stoned, with the rest of the concrete poured. Yipee!

 photo IMG_2614_zpsb04ea4e0.jpg

Progress is being made on selling our house too. It sold to the first couple who looked at it before it officially went on the market. We had several people wanting to put in offers the first two days, but we took the first one since it was full price, no contingency, and could close in two weeks. Hooray! Since the contract was signed, we've had the inspection and appraisal and we will be closing this week. Whew.

During the last couple of weeks we've had a few setbacks too...not only of the house variety. First, our puppy, Duke, swallowed an acorn whole...and it got lodged in his intestine. I took him to the vet at the end of an entire day of vomiting. He could not even keep water down, poor thing. They did emergency surgery that night and he stayed over night and all the next day before he was "discharged" to us with a stomach lined with staples. Today, he got his staples out after 10 days of wearing a cone.

Here he is when I took him to the vet...obviously not feeling well.

 photo IMG_2533_zps6d919c05.jpg

And here he is when I picked him up the morning after his surgery. We had to put the cone on at home. The pink bandage is where they had the IV. Such a pitiful puppy face.

 photo IMG_2537_zps36b85fd6.jpg

As if all this wasn't enough crazy, Ethan got strep last week and missed the entire week of school. So I had him home sick with me all week. He was not too happy about having his throat swabbed (this was his first time ever).

 photo IMG_2570_zpsb118841f.jpg

Back home, lounging on the couch with Duke. Ethan really perked up after taking antibiotics, but he still had to stay home for a couple of days since he was contagious. You can really see Duke's stomach staples in this photo...even if you can't see his face.

 photo IMG_2571_zpsc42bfe79.jpg

As I've been trying to keep my head above water, Casey and I slipped away this past weekend to the lake house...just the two of us. Believe it or not, that is the first time we've done that. We actually couldn't believe it, which is what prompted the quick trip in the first place. After all the stress we've been dealing with, a couple of days without responsibility or schedule was just what we needed.

On the way out west to the lake house, we went through Ft. Worth and stopped at Lonesome Dove Western Bistro for dinner. That will not be the last time we do was fantastic. The iphone photos of our food are terrible, but I have to include the one of our appetizer sampler. I could probably just eat their appetizers, but then we'd miss out on their entrees!

 photo IMG_2603_zpsd701e1e0.jpg

At the lake house, we basically just slept, watched TV and movies, ate, read books, and generally relaxed. It was perfect.

 photo IMG_2604_zpsbd6bfda0.jpg

Also very important...we made brownies...and didn't have to share!

 photo IMG_2610_zpse0907aee.jpg

During this season of our lives, Casey and I have been so blessed to have a support, friends, the boys' teachers, etc. who had our backs. We have been reminded just how much we have to be thankful for...just in time for Thanksgiving NEXT WEEK! (Yikes.)

Bring on the turkey. And the pie. And the packing!

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