Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas with the Fairs

After Christmas breakfast and a change of clothes (out of PJ's), we all settled in the living room to wait for the rest of the family to arrive so we could open presents. To kill some time, Casey showed the boys some videos of when they were younger (and babies). They loved it.

 photo IMG_8904_zpsab42c493.jpg

I love this photo of Logan lounging on daddy. He was laughing at himself as a baby. Sweet.

 photo IMG_8905_zpsc2411480.jpg

Pop was ready and waiting with his camera.

 photo IMG_8918_zpsd80622fc.jpg

My sweet grandma has staked out her chair and is ready to go.

 photo IMG_8924_zpsa9ed9e76.jpg

With everyone assembled, we started passing out presents.

 photo 162C9535_zpsf43a3970.jpg

 photo 162C9534_zps93f8e87f.jpg

Casey had possession of my camera while I was helping deliver the gifts.

 photo IMG_8927_zpsf45d2590.jpg

And my mom had possession of my dad's, this happened.

 photo 162C9542_zpscd3264a4.jpg

Logan James is ready for his gifts and ready with his photo smile. Cutie.

 photo IMG_8926_zpsffff1454.jpg

Since the boys are the only two kids, we let them open their gifts first while everyone watched. Here, Ethan is opening the gift that Logan picked out for him. They actually know each other pretty well.

 photo IMG_8941_zpsd45bf402.jpg

It kind of looks like they are wrestling in the photo below, but no, it's a precious brother hug and kiss after exchanging gifts.

 photo IMG_8936_zps9d53934d.jpg

More presents...

 photo IMG_8942_zps71bc4d62.jpg

 photo IMG_8953_zpsb016edd7.jpg

 photo IMG_8955_zps1435b5c5.jpg

 photo IMG_8946_zpsb73b516e.jpg

My aunt Pam (mom's sister), and uncle Steve always celebrate Christmas with us and we love having them. Wish the cousins could have been with us too this year, but they have married into families that also want to spend time with them around the holidays.

 photo IMG_8978_zps903f2631.jpg

Uncle Steve is a Harley fan. (He's got a real one.)

 photo 162C9596_zpsacae92f7.jpg

Uncle Kevin and Aunt Jill were there, of course.

 photo 162C9581_zps23b253d2.jpg

Here I am opening my gift from the boys. Note the princess gift bag. They love to pick out stuff like that for me.

 photo 162C9602_zps17a4991f.jpg

And I have no idea what exactly is going on in this photo, but it appears to be funny to all of us.

 photo 162C9607_zpsf188e53e.jpg

Ethan is a professional gift un-wrapper. He will unwrap your gifts for you at no charge. Isn't he helpful?

 photo IMG_8984_zps27b9a0d8.jpg

He helped Pop and Mimi open their gifts.

 photo IMG_8982_zps54b7f54e.jpg

One special gift this year was from my Grandpa. He wrote a memoir of sorts, called Memories: Out of Africa. He gave a signed copy to all of us. It's about his childhood and early years, mostly in Africa. Some of the stories I have heard and others were completely new to me. I love that he wrote all of this down for us to have and for future generations to read.

 photo IMG_8972_zps648f6482.jpg

Here, Grandpa is showing Ethan who the book is dedicated to, which includes Ethan and Logan. Ethan thought that was pretty special!

 photo IMG_8980_zps12fb9288.jpg

Opening presents must make us pretty hungry, because after clearing all the gift-debris, we were more than ready for our traditional lunch of curried meat pies that my grandmother makes.

 photo IMG_8991_zpsda6d8cb7.jpg

There were desserts too...Grandma made a traditional South African dessert, Milk Tert. They are pretty much like custard pies. Very yummy. And I was ambitious this year and tackled the spectacular Red Velvet-White Chocolate Cheesecake that I saw on the cover of Southern Living Magazine. Sounds delicious, right? Well, it was just ok, in my opinion. I couldn't put my finger on what could have been different, but it was just ok.

 photo IMG_8994_zpseb4acb24.jpg

The last couple of years we have been incorporating another tradition of opening those crackers/poppers that have crowns and a small plastic trinket inside. The boys absolutely love them, and everyone gets in the spirit and wears the paper crowns for a while.

 photo IMG_9001_zps13ae8707.jpg

Pop's didn't quite fit.

 photo IMG_9002_zpsb79e6016.jpg

 photo IMG_9006_zpsb9d0aa60.jpg

 photo IMG_9007_zpsd4cb2051.jpg

 photo IMG_9008_zps87e5da36.jpg

And this year, Mimi thought it would be a good idea to take some photos with Grandma and Grandpa. First up, a 4 generation photo. Not sure where Grandma is or why she's not in this photo.

 photo IMG_9024_zps026ec4e6.jpg

And the boys with one set of their great-grandparents. I love that the boys get to know some of their great-grandparents.

 photo IMG_9029_zpsed242883.jpg

Having just received their new bikes the day before, the boys would not let the day pass without riding them again. You can never have too much fun on Christmas Day!

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