Saturday, December 14, 2013

Gingerbread Houses | 2013

Just after Thanksgiving, we started packing up our house to move. About 2 days before we were scheduled to move our stuff into storage (more on that later), we got settled into my parents house. This year, we are living with Mimi and Pop during the entire Christmas season. And first on the things to do was make our annual gingerbread houses to add to the decorations.

 photo IMG_7896_zpsfa0414bc.jpg

We spread out on the kitchen island and got out the kits I bought at Target. As much as I love baking, the fun of this particular project is all in the decorating (in my opinion). I want to bake things that I'm actually going to get to eat!

 photo IMG_7809_zpscbfa2902.jpg

Ethan working away on his house...

 photo IMG_7819_zps78e642a5.jpg

As always, carefully choosing and placing his candy pieces.

 photo IMG_7825_zps881b42ba.jpg

Looks like Logan is being pretty careful and precise too. I love his look of concentration here...

 photo IMG_7835_zpsa6dcbde5.jpg

 photo IMG_7836_zpsd98f7f8c.jpg

 photo IMG_7847_zps420b9c43.jpg

 photo IMG_7854_zps5daf2287.jpg

 photo IMG_7855_zps2153f6f2.jpg

 photo IMG_7856_zps97b493f5.jpg

 photo IMG_7867_zps62d804be.jpg

And here we are with the finished products. Very pleased with his creation.

 photo IMG_7871_zps61f0b0a8.jpg

Logan decided to be silly and try to eat his house. Crazy kid!

 photo IMG_7893_zpsa7281d0d.jpg

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