Sunday, January 12, 2014


First of all, I know that these contraptions are not technically "bikes." Ethan's is a 360 Razor tricycle and Logan's is a Harley Davidson tricycle. But we've called them bikes ever since they got them for Christmas, so that's what I'll call them here too. 

They have ridden them pretty much every single day since Christmas. No weather is too wet or cold or windy for them. However, they are required to have an adult out there with them since they are riding in the street, so if it's too wet, cold, or windy for us, we nix the idea. Somehow, they've convinced at least one of us every day, though. 

 photo IMG_9033_zps3402cce2.jpg

 photo IMG_9052_zpsb984a356.jpg

Ethan has quickly picked up on how to get his bike to turn how we wants. The back wheels spin 360 degrees, so the handling on the thing reminds me of those unwieldy Ikea shopping carts. But, he's really got it down after just a little bit of practice.

 photo IMG_9056_zpsde216335.jpg

Logan, who has not been willing to learn to pedal very hard on his "big" bike, is a speed machine on his trike.

 photo IMG_9058_zpsf5af5334.jpg

I guess he abandoned the bike for some reason and resorted to running for a while.

 photo IMG_9063_zps33fe8033.jpg

And loving on Duke...

 photo IMG_9077_zpsf9e5e1e5.jpg

And just being cute.

 photo IMG_9079_zps747ed97c.jpg

See? There's Ethan mastering the turns.

 photo IMG_9113_zps9f101834.jpg

 photo IMG_9112_zpsb070b003.jpg

He's much more willing to do the full 360 degree turns now that he feels more in control of the bike. It's fun to watch him spin around and around...and love every minute.

 photo IMG_9116_zps6d678f05.jpg

 photo IMG_9119_zpsb239672c.jpg

Uh, oh! Logan took a tumble! He was (understandably) not very happy about this.

 photo IMG_9124_zps163123f0.jpg

But, just a couple of minutes later, it was like nothing happened and he was back to racing down the driveway again.

 photo IMG_9131_zps54fa81f8.jpg

 photo IMG_9133_zps9949f16e.jpg

 photo IMG_9149_zpsdc6fc708.jpg 
Duke loved watching the boys (although he wanted to chase them) and also trying to eat all sorts of things on the ground (like acorns).

 photo IMG_9156_zps6380d45b.jpg

 photo IMG_9163_zpsae91e196.jpg

 photo IMG_9170_zps7821608e.jpg

 photo IMG_9171_zps8841d391.jpg

 photo IMG_9198_zpse797fd68.jpg

 photo IMG_9203_zps257c4eaa.jpg

 photo IMG_9235_zps979aaa59.jpg

 photo IMG_9239_zpse347467c.jpg

This kid can be so silly...

 photo IMG_9250_zpsd9585537.jpg

 photo IMG_9251_zpsb27a530e.jpg

 photo IMG_9257_zps4b7251a3.jpg

 photo IMG_9263_zpsc8c0a223.jpg

I actually had to jump out of the way after this photo to avoid being run over! He brakes for no one. Stinker.

 photo IMG_9288_zpse675d82b.jpg

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