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Disneyland 2014: California Adventure

This post is a brief summary of our 2 days at California Adventure Park. If it were not for Cars Land taking up so much time (which we deliberately chose), I think you could easily do this park in one day. But, because we were able to spend 2 days, we rode several rides more than once, watched the Pixar Play parade twice and went back to the hotel to rest in the afternoon for a couple of hours. So, two days was great for us. We went to California Adventure on the days we were allowed to go in an hour early. 

 photo IMG_5938_zps94cfad57.jpg

When you enter an hour early, there is no one on Hollywood Blvd. yet...

 photo IMG_5946_zps0dbce83e.jpg

And there is, of course, a statue of Walt and Mickey, which I think is pretty cute. 

 photo IMG_5950_zps2e9a861c.jpg

Buena Vista Street and the fountain are sort of the "Main Street" and central hub of this park. Buena Vista Street is really quite nice and I love how the art deco styling is followed through in the fountain and architecture. 

 photo IMG_5952_zps40472040.jpg

Because I've already done an entire post on Cars Land, this one will be shorter! Our next favorite part of California Adventure was definitely Bug's Land. Here's the sign into that part of the park when you enter from Cars Land...

 photo IMG_5991_zpsb05324dc.jpg

The other entrance is a little more dramatic. The boys thought it was so funny that everything was over-sized so that we felt like bugs. 

 photo IMG_6071_zps66d8d4b3.jpg

And I loved the detailing (like the bug lamps), as usual. 

 photo IMG_6081_zpsba43b348.jpg

We rode all the rides in Bug's Land - the boys adore Bug's Life, so all of this was a wonder to them. We started with Heimlech's Chew-Chew Train. I love the sign in this shot (and I happen to love Brussels sprouts). 

 photo IMG_6090_zpsb3eb9679.jpg

All four of us on the courtesy of Mimi.

 photo DSCN4689_zps3608636a.jpg

Next up were Tuck and Roll's Drive 'Em other words, bumper cars. Driven by small children. It was fun and interesting!

 photo IMG_6100_zpse99c6110.jpg

Francis' Ladybug Boogie is very much like Alice's Tea Cups and therefore, just as fun. 

 photo DSCN4696_zpsfcf3df51.jpg

The final ride in Bug's Land was Flick's Flyers, which I just thought was such a cute ride with all the food containers and nature elements. Truly like something out of the movie. 

 photo IMG_6106_zpsac29c2c2.jpg

The brothers got to ride next to each other on this one and they were pretty cute too. 

 photo IMG_6113_zps11598bc9.jpg

We felt like it was time for a churro break...I had been wanting a churro for a while. I told the boys they were Mexican donuts since they've never had them before. Logan ate about half of his, Ethan didn't like it at all, which is actually not like him. I thought they were quite good!

 photo IMG_6117_zpsd6f60c87.jpg

I love the fun perspective "art" at the end of Hollywood Blvd. 

 photo IMG_6119_zps653ead5e.jpg

And at the end of Hollywood Blvd., on our way to the Monsters, Inc. ride, we stumbled upon Monster's University. The boys were thrilled. They love this movie and again, all the details were so fun to spot. We rode the Monster's Inc. ride twice because it was so was one of my favorite rides and the boys thought so too. 

 photo IMG_6132_zpsba379c45.jpg

A quick turn around and you're facing the imposing Hollywood Tower of Terror. Both boys were tall enough to ride, but we weren't sure that they should. My mom and I have both been on the one at Disney World several times so we knew basically what to expect. We went back and forth on it, but since all the adults wanted to ride, we all entered the line and thought we might do the rider exchange thing that they sometimes let you do with kids that can't/don't want to ride. But, the boys both said they wanted to. So they did. And boy, were they terrified! But, later on they talked like they loved it! I actually prefer the Disney World version of this ride because it goes into the story more and is a longer ride. It also moves horizontally as well as vertically. But, the actual ride part that drops is pretty much the same!

 photo IMG_6135_zpsf9e94b16.jpg

On Hollywood Blvd, we cooled off with two inside shows. First, we went to the Disney Jr. LIVE show, which was really cute and incorporated lots of our boys' favorite Disney Jr. characters in the form of puppets. Then, we went to Turtle Talk with Crush. This is such a cool experience! The audience members get to talk to Crush, whom we can see swimming in the ocean through a large "glass" window. You can even see the microphone in the top right corner of the "window." Well, Logan was selected to talk to Crush and it was so cute and funny. I wish I remember exactly what they said to each other, but I do remember that it was awesome. 

 photo IMG_6169_zps1f985014.jpg

On the other end of the park is Paradise Pier and we spent one evening over here having dinner on the patio of Ariel's Grotto. Then, the next day we were in the park, we spent the morning here riding all the rides. 

 photo IMG_6283_zps7f455992.jpg

 photo IMG_6298_zps85788b93.jpg

On the morning that we spent in Paradise Pier, we were some of the first over there...everyone else was headed to Cars Land like we had on our first morning in California Adventure. 

 photo IMG_6746_zps4d247835.jpg

We got to ride the very fun Toy Story Mania ride twice in a row because of the low crowds on this side of the park during that Early Magic Hour. We all had a lot of fun with this ride and the 3D glasses.

 photo IMG_6760_zps11b7cc06.jpg

We did some browsing on the boardwalk and Casey and my mom rode California Screamin' while the boys and I took a lollypop break. 

 photo IMG_6799_zps87498cc7.jpg

 photo DSCN5030_zps029ed2e4.jpg

And hello, heaven...this was the Ghirardelli Soda Fountain and Chocolate Shop. It's strange to say, but I did not expect this to be as wonderful as it was. I guess it was just that good. I had a salted caramel sundae, which I Instagrammed. But honestly, there was a giant menu covered on both sides with amazing, sweet concoctions. Normally quick to decide, I was kind of stumped. Here's some advice if you go to California Adventure...skip ALL other ice cream parlors and just go here as many times as you can. 

 photo IMG_6918_zpsda66e9b8.jpg

We also had some really good corn dogs from Corn Dog Castle and rode The Golden Zephyr, Jumpin' Jellyfish, and King Triton's Carousel. Ariel's Undersea Adventure was closed, so we didn't get to do that. Paradise Pier looks pretty colorful at night...especially during World of Color. (My next (and last) Disney post will be all about shows and such.) For a park that is criticized quite a bit, we really loved it, although I admit that Cars Land adds a LOT to the park. 

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