Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Sprinkler Play

We've often kicked off our summers by playing in the sprinklers. In fact, it doesn't really feel like summer unless we've done it at least once.

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This year I had a new sprinkler head...Spiderman. Neither of the boys are huge Spiderman fans since they haven't read any comics or seen any cartoons with him it them. But, they loved the sprinkler head anyway. 

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As warm as it was outside, it wasn't hot enough yet where the water didn't feel cold at was a little chilly at first!

 photo DX0A5858_zpsbrto4aon.jpg

 photo DX0A5870_zpsmdztjxpl.jpg

My favorite thing - besides seeing their laughing faces - is watching what the boys do with our ordinary backyard toys when the sprinkler gets turned on. They have so much fun with just water. It's amazing. 

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I asked them to run and jump over the sprinkler so I could get a photo. Then, they kept doing it all on their own when they found it pretty fun. 

 photo DX0A5894_zpsicrmqtua.jpg

 photo DX0A5896_zpsmza9wdzo.jpg

Yes, as soon as I was done taking this photo, the ball hit my camera square in the lens. I am able to take a hit or two good-naturedly, but don't mess with my camera! 

 photo DX0A5901_zpsoedl2ne6.jpg

Ethan had the idea to put the sprinkler on the trampoline...this is the first time we've brought out the sprinkler since we've had the trampoline. They found out pretty quickly that the sprinkler wasn't very effective while they were bouncing since it kept bouncing too. So, they put it under the trampoline. 

 photo DX0A5915_zpsoz8hcpfo.jpg

Duke ran around like a crazy dog when the sprinkler first came on. He didn't know what to think! Eventually he accepted the current backyard shenanigans and just decided to rest as usual. 

 photo DX0A5924_zpst7y4krdh.jpg

Logan took up his station under the trampoline with the sprinkler so he could point it at Ethan who was on the trampoline. They did this forever and laughed and laughed about it. 

 photo DX0A5935_zpsaiownt1g.jpg

They would never forget to do a water slide with the swing set slide. I rigged the water hose (without the Spiderman sprinkler head) at the top of the slide for them. 

 photo DX0A5947_zpsgoozseb7.jpg

It's really effective. In fact, Logan flew off a couple of times a little to fast and didn't get his feet under him before hitting the ground. He wasn't particularly thrilled about that. 

 photo DX0A5950_zpseb8koh4y.jpg

Ethan was mostly ready for it and didn't want to ever stop sliding. 

 photo DX0A5953_zpsh5aigk36.jpg

After they were good and worn out, they asked for popsicles. They both asked for grape and then asked if they could sit on the trampoline. Honestly, my first inclination was to say "no" because I didn't want the surface to get sticky from the inevitable drips. But it only took me a second to change my mind and let them do it anyway. That's what rain is for, right? To clean trampolines. 

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