Thursday, July 16, 2015

Durango: Day 4

On the 4th of July, we didn't have any specific plans, which was nice after being gone on the train ride the whole day before. We kind of took things slow and just did what we wanted around the cabin. And what the boys wanted to do was take a walk. 

 photo DX0A7471_zpswpauia7s.jpg

They also wanted to take pictures on the walk. Logan used my phone and Ethan used his iPad. 

 photo DX0A7474a_zpsucy37zvp.jpg

It was such a gorgeous day. We could not have asked for better weather that morning. 

 photo DX0A7472_zps0gcl0nzc.jpg

 photo DX0A7479_zpsfiierhqc.jpg

 photo DX0A7480_zpsouxibufz.jpg

 photo DX0A7484_zpsxjd91f45.jpg

 photo DX0A7485_zpsgdai95gu.jpg

 photo DX0A7499_zpsvkucaghr.jpg

 photo DX0A7500_zpspoykl0bk.jpg

They were ready to celebrate the 4th of July with their flags that Mimi bought for them. 

 photo DX0A7507_zps0me3uiwc.jpg

 photo DX0A7515_zpsamjfoywa.jpg

 photo DX0A7517_zps89nj5cfj.jpg

On the way back to the cabin, they spotted this really cool tree stump with lots of green moss. As they were taking photos of it, we noticed that it actually marked (by accident or not) a trail head. 

 photo DX0A7519_zpsyc3q6nem.jpg

So we decided to follow the trail for a little bit.

 photo DX0A7527_zpsazx7n9df.jpg

It was a small trail and the mosquitoes were biting...giant, soldier-like mosquitoes on a mission. And because the trail was so small, we should really have been wearing pants, but we thought we would at least see where the trail would go.

 photo DX0A7530_zps5zxyye1b.jpg

 photo DX0A7533_zps7n1t9yxl.jpg

There were so many beautiful plants along the trail. Everything was so green and fresh. 

 photo DX0A7534_zpsrohdmvqe.jpg

We stopped when we came to this vista. We knew we wanted to follow the trail further...but with pants and bug spray, preferably. 

 photo DX0A7540_zpsbhagwkj8.jpg

 photo DX0A7551_zpscdqulkcr.jpg

So we headed back to the cabin and played around there for the rest of the day, making plans to hike that trail the next day.

 photo DX0A7555a_zpsmid8zzop.jpg

That evening, after dinner, Mimi brought out these fun and festive cupcakes to celebrate the holiday. They made the boys' mouths very blue and red.

 photo DX0A7560_zpsbj1ic6as.jpg

Then we brought out the sparklers. Mimi and Pop had bought some on the side of the road on their way to Colorado just for this occasion. We decided to go ahead and light them after we were done with dinner even though it wasn't dark yet. 

 photo DX0A7570_zpsmgng0yrv.jpg

They had a lot of fun with them...pretending they were magic wands, etc. 

 photo DX0A7597_zpswrbbz0uj.jpg

 photo DX0A7598_zpsm36tqprw.jpg

Besides helping to light them, the adults just stood around and watched...and took photos, of course.

 photo DX0A7601_zpsevreqkwj.jpg

Ethan was so funny about the smoke. It really cramped his style! 

 photo DX0A7623_zpsmf5jkcku.jpg

And this photo is the greatest thing ever. Logan was so excited that his sparkler had that many sparkles at once! Haha!

 photo DX0A7610_zpssblnzuyl.jpg

Daddy joined in the fun toward the end when the boys had done so many by themselves and our supply was dwindling.

 photo DX0A7629_zps5bh1ylds.jpg

After the sparklers were spent and the boys were showered and in bed, we spent some time on the back deck before it got completely dark. Such a great, relaxing day at the cabin. 

 photo DX0A7561_zps2dapvgd0.jpg

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