Thursday, June 02, 2016

Swim Lessons 2016

Every year, since Ethan was 3 years old, we have done at least 2 weeks of swimming lessons at the beginning of the summer. The boys know how to swim now, but I think learning the strokes and really knowing how you're supposed to swim is a good skill beyond just being able to get around in the pool - and to safety. Plus, swim lessons are a fairly inexpensive and fun thing for the boys to do in the why not?

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In past years, we've always had Mrs. Stacy as an instructor. But her schedule did not work with ours this year, so we had Mrs. Pat, the owner of the swim school. And that meant that we were at her new indoor pool instead of the neighborhood pool that we've always used for lessons. Lots of changes, but thank goodness the boys are no longer nervous preschoolers that need reassurance. They pretty much just dive right in (pun intended).

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Also, from a mom's perspective (mine), the indoor pool is pretty awesome. There are no cancellations for weather (which we've been having), the pool is warmed (and outdoor pools are very chilly right now), we don't have to wear sunscreen, and the location is much closer to us. Those are nothing but positives! 

Also, for the first time ever, the boys were in the same class together, so lessons only lasted 30 minutes instead of an hour with 30 minute classes for each of them. Because the class size is so small and both of the boys know how to swim, it's easy for the two instructors to personalize the lessons for their levels. 

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I love how the terminology and "curriculum" is the same across the board at this swim matter what instructor you have. This made it even more easy for the boys to pick up right where they left off with Mrs. Stacy last year. 

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And Mrs. Pat is awesome! She is so good with the kids. 

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Practicing big arm reaches for free style. They have both improved on this stroke this year. 

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There goes Ethan with beautiful, stretching arms in his stroke. 

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Logan has learned a lot about the form for his arms and also the breathing.

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Mrs. Pat has a way of getting them to listen...which is not easy with two boys in a swimming pool!

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Logan has improved so much on his back floating and back stroke this year. Big difference from last year. 

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One thing that makes me smile...both boys are ready and eager to learn. This is not a chore for them at all. It's one of the reasons we keep coming back even though they are not on swim team and are past the first learning-to-swim stage. It's just fun and they want to learn. 

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There goes Ethan with the flippers. 

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Working on body position while side-breathing...

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 photo DX0A0305_zpslceoe2m9.jpg

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Logan going the length of the pool with flippers - doing back stroke.

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I left out one more plus about the indoor pool...the slide! The boys spotted it on their first day and all their questions about being at a new pool this year were gone. They get to go down the slide one time each at the end of their lessons.

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It's a fun slide and this part is definitely a highlight of swim lessons for them! Today is the last day of our two-week lessons. I'm glad we won't have a standing appointment to make every day, but it's also a little sad because we all love swim lessons a lot!

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