Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Christmas with the Fairs: 2016

After everyone left our house from breakfast, we cleaned up - the house and ourselves - and then headed over to Mimi and Pop's house for a little more Christmas. My aunt Pam had brought her Bingo game stuff and everyone had contributed to the prize table. And everyone played! It was so fun. The boys especially loved it.

 photo DX0A3658_zps7iupj1mo.jpg

We used dry beans to mark our bingo cards. The boys had already opened their stocking stuff at Mimi's house...and Elliot the Dragon (from Pete's Dragon) was one of the surprises inside!

 photo DX0A3656_zps5vfwwfre.jpg

 photo DX0A3655_zpszrxptezs.jpg

Lunch was super-easy, which we've come to love. We have our traditional meal of curried meat pies, toppings, and a salad. It's so nice to spend Christmas actually enjoying family and the day rather than slaving over a meal in the kitchen! The clean-up for this meal is quick and easy too. 

 photo DX0A3660_zpsf0drkht9.jpg

Kevin brought over some of his cider and juices to mix in. Tasty!

 photo DX0A3662_zpspaft0ts1.jpg

There were two small Lego sets as prizes for bingo. They were Ethan's first two choices when he won. He gave one to Logan. Logan's first two prize choices were bags of chocolate gold coins!

 photo DX0A3663_zpsofc3qljm.jpg

Before long, it was time for presents! The boys took the part of the elves and delivered all the packages. 

 photo DX0A3667_zpstzxhq1dx.jpg

With a smile!

 photo DX0A3677_zpsbo4x7v63.jpg

One of the first ones Ethan opened had money inside! 

 photo DX0A3681_zpsmnozfzvf.jpg

Logan got his very own bow and arrow set. And this thing is amazing - now that we've played with it some. It's so fast and goes really far! Let's see if we can be careful not to "misplace" the arrows.

 photo DX0A3688_zpsj47ve4md.jpg

This hovering soccer puck is really fun too! You just turn it on and place it on a hard floor like wood and kick it around. Aunt Pam and Uncle Steve got those for the boys. 

 photo DX0A3691_zpssny3yy34.jpg

Mimi and Pop got Ethan a real, flying Millennium Falcon! It is so cool. Ethan tore into the box immediately. 

 photo DX0A3698_zpswdkjpnbu.jpg

And Logan got a flying X-Wing. Awesome!

 photo DX0A3709_zpsqcch4laq.jpg

We stayed for a while at Mimi and Pop's house but spent the late afternoon and evening back home playing with all our new toys. 

 photo DX0A3732_zpsvdxlb6am.jpg

Everyone in our family loves BB-8. When we got back home from the Fair Christmas, they were all charged and ready to go. You control his movements using an app on the iPad. It could not have been easier to get them synced and to start playing. 

 photo DX0A3738_zpso9xwybs9.jpg

Duke is the only one of us that is not sure about the BB-8 robots...he barks at them any time they move! In his defense, he is not used to having something move like that down on his level. And BB-8 makes his little beeping/talking noises too. Haha! Duke will just have to get used to him!

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