Thursday, November 16, 2006

Bumps and Bruises

There is a sharp corner on my desk (as there are on many desks) that protrudes into the space I must use to exit my desk. Therefore, I have found that since moving into my new office, I have permanent bruises at exactly the same height on each thigh from colliding with that corner. It's ridiculous. Every time a bruise will go away, I hit the corner again and get another one. Maybe I need to baby-proof my office.

Casey claims that I am clumsy. Just for the record, I am not clumsy. I took ballet for 9 years, for crying out loud. Everyone knows that ballerinas are poised, not clumsy. He bases this assertion on an incident in college when I was jogging with my roommate, Holly and another friend around the ACU campus one evening. It was not lit nor was it a paved trail all the way around as it is now, so I tripped over a cement road barrier in the dark and scraped up my hands and knees. Not my fault. The barrier was not painted the usual yellow color and it blended in with the asphalt. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.


Unknown said...

the end of the footboard on our bed sticks out. Everyone in our family has hit it hard at some point. It hits me and Cody in the thigh, and poor Ava got it right in the side one day. I've been tempted to saw it off- especially just after running into it so hard that I cried. It's in an awful place now too- with only about 12 inches of clearance between it and the dresser. I've already told Cody that something has got to change- it can't stay like this!

LoriLoo310 said...

Why do bruises tend to always be in the same spot? My bed did that to me as a kid. I was too tall for the headboard and footboard and would constantly wake up with a fresh new bruise on top of the arch of my foot. Did not feel good for the ballet ... which by the way I didn't know you also were a dancer. Don't you MISS it so much? I do.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rachel! It's been a long time old friend! And I'm totally the "another friend" you mentioned in this post!! Man ACU seems like forever ago but I still remember it fondly! Glad to see you and Casey are doing well. By the way I happend upon TJ and Holly's blog and then saw yours as well. Hope we can keep in touch!
Melanie aka Melly :)