Saturday, November 11, 2006


My experiences today could be the very definition of frustration. My patience has been tested and I feel like screaming right about now. This frustration stems from the scheduling and execution of picking up our entertainment center for some very minor modifications. Here's a timeline of events:

Two weeks ago: I called the furniture company to schedule the pick-up from our house. I am told that they do not do pick-ups before 8am or after 5pm on weekdays. That leaves Saturdayfor me since I am not home between 8am and 5pm Monday - Friday. Miraculously, they do pick-ups on Saturdays. So I schedule for two Saturdays from now. I am told that they will call me the Friday before the scheduled pick-up and give me a two-hour window of when they will be at my house. No problem; I can do that.

Yesterday: It's the Friday before the scheduled pick-up and I not have received word on my two-hour window. I think to myself that perhaps they said they would call me on Saturday to tell me so I decide to wait until tomorrow morning to call them.

Saturday, 9:45 am: I make my first call to the dispacher, Brenda. She tells me that it will be an hour before they are up near my house and they should call me when they are on their way. I say that I should expect them mid-morning, right? She says "yes." Still no two-hour window, but I've been given an estimated time, so I'm ok with it.

Saturday, 2:00 pm: They have not come and I have not heard from them by phone. I call Brenda again. She tells me that Greg is the one who will be coming to my house and that he is out doing stops and I am second on his list. She says that he should be there "any minute." Those are her very words.

Saturday, 3:50 pm: Still nothing. I call Brenda for the third time today and am sort of put out at this point although I'm still trying to be nice to her. I tell her that I have not seen nor heard from Greg and that I will need to leave my house at 5pm for plans that Casey and I have, which cannot be changed - we weren't just going to dinner or the movies or anything. I tell her that I thought this would be ok to schedule because they don't do pick-ups after 5pm anyway, right? She says that she is sorry and she will call me back after she has personally spoken with Greg.

Saturday, 4:15 pm: Departure time is nearing, still no word form Brenda or Greg. My blood pressure continues to rise. Greg finally calls and says that he is on his way to make a delivery. I tell him that he is not making a delivery but picking something up. After he looks at his notes, he says, "Oh, yes. I'm supposed to pick up the two side towers of your entertainment unit." No, Greg. You are supposed to pick up the center portion of my unit, I tell him (and here I resist the very strong urge to snap at him).

Saturday, 4:40 pm: Greg and another guy finally arrive and pick-up the entertainment unit. Casey has to talk to him because I'm in no mood to be cordial. Their truck blocks the street for the Schwann truck - he honks (a lot) but has to stay put until they leave. I don't really care. I have to actually pay them for all of this and then, just in time, Casey and I head off to our evening plans. I just can't wait until they call to schedule the delivery!


Jacquie said...

That is really frustrating. I just found your blog through Lori's and it's so good to find you. I hope you and Casey are doing really well!

Unknown said...

man, I didn't realize you had all this stress before you came over Sat. I am so sorry! What a mess- I just can't stand things like that. By the way- our kids have talked and talked about how much fun they had with you guys- (well, mostly Ava has talked and talked) and we are so thankful for the way you helped us!

Unknown said...

Yay, Rach! We are sisters in frustration... Will you please fly down here and convince Verizon to install our internet line? We have only been waiting 8 weeks. It will cost you $2 everytime you want to call, and you might want to brush up on your Spanish tech terms beforehand.

Hey - I think we're headed to Dallas for a quick visit in January. Will you guys be around? If not, we're not coming!

Unknown said...

Holly - We'll be here! Yea! As for Verizon - take a few deep breaths and go hang out with some really cute kids - that's what I did!

Unknown said...

"take a few deep breaths and go hang out with some really cute kids - that's what I did!"
awwww, that's sweet!