Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Lights, Camera, Christmas!

I'm ready for Christmas now! I am finally done putting up Christmas decorations! Tuesday night I plugged in the last string of lights on my front lawn and didn't blow out a fuse or anything. I'm so glad that I got them up before the temperature took a serious downward turn. My Christmas decorations force a change of behavior in Casey because he's always turning off lights and such - all dads everywhere would be proud. So, with the outside lights and the garland lights and the tree lights - he's having to sit on his hands because I insist that they all be on while we're home (except the outside lights - only at night for them). I want to enjoy them.

Somehow I ended up with two copies of How the Grinch Stole Christmas on my coffee table. It's like they're multiplying or something. I loved that story as a kid (and Dr. Seuss books in general) and I still love it now. I also remember reading The Polar Express and all sorts of versions of The Night Before Christmas as a kid. How many versions of that can they come out with, by the way? There's the classic, the cowboy, the cajun, the soldier's, the teacher's, the Texas, the Irish, the firefighter's, the nurse's, the principal's, the dog's, the cat's, the redneck, the preacher's, the grandma's, the hillbilly's, the librarian's, the trucker's, the golfer's, the fisherman's, the sailor's, and the teddy bear's version. Is the classic version really that irrelevant to people that they felt they needed to come up with all these other ones? Or maybe people just like making (and reading) cleverly themed rhymes.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel!

I just found your Blog via Lori's blog! Seems like you and Casey are doing well! Congrats on the Christmas decorations - those are always tricky!!!