Thursday, December 14, 2006


Our building's elevators didn't pass inspection the first time. Yikes!

I just overheard one of our employees on the phone saying, "My name is Tom. I go by Tom."

I've noticed that Pottery Barn catalogs have a way of multiplying on my coffee table.

I hate when email forwards try to make you feel like a bad person if you don't continue the forward.

One of our clients lives on Memory Lane. And we have a client named Jerry Jones and one named Stephen King but neither is actually their famous counterpart.

iTrain is my newest and greatest discovery for workouts! Absolutely love it! Check it out.

Apparently yield signs are invisible to most drivers.

Socks with holes should be thrown away. Why do I always fold them and put them in the drawer again?

It's bad when you're a perfectionist and you're married to a perfectionist.


Casey said...

Amen to the last one!

Lindsay said...

What about when neither couple are perfectionists?

Melanie said...

Rach, Target has some sort of tool that helps you find the burned out bulb on a string of lights. You stick it in one of the bulb spots and it's supposed to help you find the burned one. My dad had one last year that he gave to my grandpa much to my dismay this year. I haven't thought to try to look for it for my silly little tree.

Emily Cade said...

That is so funny!!! I love that Tom has to explain that he goes by Tom. PS- no sympathy on your elevators. Ours are so bad they've actually closed on my arm, and they make such a loud noise when they close, but instead of actually fixing it, they just put Scotch sticky things on the edges of the door.