Friday, February 09, 2007

Rachel's Favorite Things

Oprah has her list. Here's mine:

1. Wicked Good Slippers from L.L. Bean.
I love all my shoes - but every day I anticipate the moment when I get home, take off my heels and get to sink my feet into these slippers. They may look like Peter Pan shoes (that's what Casey and I call them - he has a pair too) but trust me, they are the best!

2. Williams Sonoma Rich and Creamy Hot Chocolate (or Peppermint Hot Chocolate)
This is by far the best hot chocolate you will ever taste. Made with real chocolate shavings and hot milk, it's our new favorite wintertime treat.

3. Photo Books from Shutterfly
No one does photo books like, in my opinion. I've said goodbye to my scrapbooking and taken up photo-booking, if I'm allowed the liberty of creating a new verb! They're slim, stylish and totally creative. Shutterfly allows you so many options - I hardly even order prints anymore!

4. Workouts from iTrain
These downloadable mp3 workouts feature trainers that walk you through the various workouts like a personal trainer would. They're not cheesy and they definitely challenge you more than if you were working out alone. Workouts range from treadmill, stair-climber, bike, dance, yoga, pilates, strength, etc. They're well-priced too!

5. Wood Wick Candles
Aroma and ambiance - I've mentioned these candles before, but they have great scents and great sound. We love to burn these at our house!

6. Clean Perfume by Dlish Fragrance
I heard about this fragrance at a Nordstrom Spring Preview event and I absolutely love it. I have never worn perfume before because it always gave me a headache. They were always too flowery or too musky or something like that. This stuff just smells clean - really.

7. Custom Chocolate Box from Godiva
When you visit a Godiva store, they will let you hand-select the chocolates you want to put into your gold box. I love this since I'm not a fan of the fruit-filled ones or anything coconut flavored. Casey has gotten me my very own box the last two years for Christmas and he knows what I like. Plus, it's fun to pick out chocolate!

8. Silpat Baking Mats
These things will make your cookies, biscuits, etc. come out perfectly with evenly cooked bottoms and with absolutely no sticking to the baking sheet. I don't bake without them!

9. Schick Inuition Razor
A razor that includes moisturizers makes shaving cream obsolete and I love it! No more do I have to perform acrobatics in the shower to effectively shave my legs. This is especially great for traveling as you have one less thing to pack. Oh, and it shaves really well.

10. Moleskine Small Notebook
I'm a sucker for all journals but this one really gets me. It's perfect for traveling because it fits into a purse. The unlined one can be used not only to jot down thoughts but also sketches, etc. It is bound by stitching (not spiral binding) but folds out flat nicely. And this one has an elastic band to keep it closed and the pages neat - a necessity, I think!

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Amberly said...

Thanks for the info about iTrain. I think that is definitely something Sammy & I would both really enjoy trying out! We're getting a little bored with the same old exercise videos we own.