Friday, February 16, 2007

Valentines Week

Valentines Day has ended up more like Valentines week for us. This is not a bad thing, I guess! On Wednesday night, my dad made dinner for my mom, me and Casey - complete with a lobster salad with avocado-cilantro dressing, glazed halibut and a smorgasbord of cheeses. We topped it off with a Godiva Chocolate Brownie, which was my one contribution to the evening!

Then, this weekend I'm taking Friday and Casey is taking Saturday to do Valentines things for each other. I'm very lucky to have a husband that makes me feel special and loved so much more than on just a few occasions a year. He loves to surprise me for special occasions and is very good at it, but the things he does for me on a regular basis are the best!

One Valentines Day that I will never forget was when I was studying in Oxford, England and Casey was in Abilene at ACU. Since we were apart for the holiday, I expected a phone call and a special email or something. But I got back from spending some time in town and saw a big white box with a handle on the top sitting in the foyer of our big Victorian house. I walked right by it to go up the stairs to our room when someone stopped me and said that the box was for me. Sure enough, I looked at the name on the label and it was mine. Inside were a dozen red English roses with a box of chocolates and none other than a bottle of nail polish (a strange addition, admittedly)! Casey had gone online and searched ways to have flowers delivered to me on Valentines day in Oxford. It took him hours to find a place that would do it - it was such a great surprise and I was thrilled.

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Jacque said...

I remember that, Rachel. So sweet.